Friday, August 20, 2021

NEW! Gratitude Mojo ... where Everything is a gift!

When your mojo is working, 
your energy is turned on and 
things rather effortlessly fall into place. 

Gratitude is the appreciation for the good things in your life 

as well as for the tough times and challenges 

that help you learn and grow, 

becoming a stronger, happier, more resilient person.

Gratitude Mojo is when you know Everything is a gift!

 While countless academic studies have proven that gratitude brings us greater happiness, health, and success, it is actually the practicing of gratitude that brings results. Keeping a gratitude journal is a universal recommendation as it not only focuses your thoughts on what you’re grateful for, it is a way of honoring your own life journey.

In order to help everyone achieve Gratitude Mojo, we are introducing a simple system to turn your gratitude practice into a powerful habit. It may seem like a lot, however, it actually only takes about 5-minutes a day.

    First: a Workbook - organized into a year-long journey of thirteen 4-week cycles, each referencing a proven benefit of gratitude. This spiral-bound workbook lies flat and is printed on high-quality paper with wide margins, making it a delight to write on ... and make notes or doodles in the margin. 

This workbook rapidly becomes a reflection of your life and a reminder of where you've been.

        Focus on one gratitude each day. There is no wrong way to practice gratitude, however studies show that focusing on one thing you're grateful for and finding a few specific reasons why that one thing is important to you takes you deeper than just making a list.

        Reflection deepens further. Practicing gratitude is far more than just jotting down nice things. It is about developing an attitude of gratitude. The workbook offers a reflection process that refreshes and reminds you of each gratitude you've recognized and begins to create a gratitude-scape of your life.

        Special prompts. Each week, you are prompted to find the gift in something that seems like a challenge, leading you gently to a deeper understanding that everything is truly a gift. 

Another weekly prompt relates to you personally, encouraging you to be grateful for who you are, noticing your strengths, character, accomplishments, and uniqueness. As you become more grateful for yourself, you become more grateful for the world around you.

        Gratitude Miracles. These aren't the walk-on-water or win-the-lottery type of miracles. They are the unexpected delights that make you smile and say "Wow!" Imagine having 3-4 of those a week!

Paying attention to and recording miracles builds your sense of living in a world where everything is a gift!    
Thirteen proven benefits of gratitude:

Health & Fitness
Better Relationships
More Success
Enhanced Energy
Deeper Connection
Peace & Contentment
Stronger Resilience
Passion & Purpose
Optimism & Generosity
Easier Forgiveness

Second: Morning reminders.  In order to be a powerful force in your life, gratitude needs to be a daily habit. And, since habits can be a challenge to establish, Gratitude Mojo includes a brief daily message to inspire you on your gratitude journey. 

Every day you will receive a simple tip, quote, or thought about gratitude and miracles, as well as ideas for strengthening your gratitude habit.

To find out more about how to get this powerful gratitude system, 
click here.

Can gratitude change the world? 
We don't know, 
but it might be the only thing that can.

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