Friday, May 17, 2019

Journal Cycle 11: Passion & Purpose

Gratitude Miracles ... the 5-minute journal that could change everything! is organized into 13 4-week cycles to give you plenty of time to maximize the results of the practice.

Each cycle begins with a short snippet about the featured benefit of that cycle. This is the snippet for Cycle 11: Passion & Purpose.

"When we brim, when we shimmer,
when we glow with love for something, anything,
we become conduits of magic,
and we ourselves become gifts to the world."

-- Melissa Studdard, poet

Researchers focused on developing gratitude and purpose among adolescents report,
"Whereas gratitude involves recognizing all the good things that someone receives from the world, purpose entails considering how one can contribute to the world around them. 
“Indeed, we find these constructs work in tandem; when people feel grateful, they naturally tend to turn towards thinking about how they can give back. In addition, expressing gratitude strengthens relationships, which can then help to guide and support the development of purpose. 
“Therefore, we believe that cultivating a deeper sense of gratitude will help individuals to find a sense of purpose in life."
From: Fostering Gratitude and Purpose among Adolescents
We are a team of researchers at Claremont Graduate University ( and California State University, Dominguez Hills ( This project is generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation, in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

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